For the most sought after global business of the modern world, you won't just corner the market with a site like this, you'll own the entire franchise! This design consists of 60-75 bi-lingual pages in frame or full style. Free Submission to search engines. This site also includes clip art, custom logos designed by us, 3D animation, up to 70 .jpeg, .png or gif images and sound in mp3, mouse over navigational buttons or Java hovers. Custom Backgrounds and Java Scripts Including 1 Flash Intro, Flash logos if desired and up to five (5) interactive CGI scripts, one (1) SSL secure certificate with free certificate installation. It comes with E-Commerce Shopping Cart software. Credit card merchant account available at an optional fee which will enable you to collect major credit cards on the Internet and be directly deposited into your account. PayPal will also work and save you money.

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